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Dirty sex text chat with aunties

As soon as he said that my mom knelt down on the floor and held his knees and said- Mom- Please sir, don’t be so harsh on us. Rajeev (Money lender)- Its not possible for me to wait any longer. he is in his final stage of his education, I beg you not to spoil his life.As soon as he gets a job he will pay you the amount.Then I was embarrassed and stepped outside saying there she lays, she is yours now. Then he went inside the room and locked it from inside. I sat on my bed resting my head on the wall behind me, that wall was common wall to my mom’s room and mine.Wild and erotic images started running through my mom where she lost her chastity to another man with the aid of her beloved son.He came to me and said with an evil grin “Thanks kid, go and see your mom’s position inside I think you had been waiting to see it” (he was buckling his pant when he said that) Me- Finally you have got what you wanted. Then Rajeev continued “I thought you had convinced your mother but you have put her to sleep.Next time I want her completely conscious, so that I will get more enjoyment” Me- No sir, Please don’t put that condition. She will be devastated to know that she will have to share her body with someone else. Whenever you come I will serve her to you when she is asleep only. (then hung up) Although his dirty words were humiliating to me, they also started to give me a kind of sexiness.

During that 1 hour time I waited for him to come out. Rajeev- Do you think I’m stupid to forgo 4 lakh Rupees for just 1 night? I could see her blue saree on the floor beside the bed. I kind of imagined that mom would be lying completely naked on the bed.Rajeev- Look son, don’t think I’m a very kind person. Me- I’m confused, what are your true intentions actually? Its not wrong to Have sexual feelings towards one’s mothers especially when she is sexy. Then mom called me inside after seeing me standing alone at the gate. Then I went into my room and locked and laid on the bed. Then in the evening I sat and thought about my present situation deeply. If there is no one to take care of her eventually someone will take advantage of my mom’s helplessness. Her soft hands ran over my forehead without knowing what was running inside my head. I decided that it was the day it should happen because of two things.thinking of mom in sex position with Rajeev made me disgusted but somewhere in the corner of my brain I found a sexiness to it. What becomes of her when she sees her own son’s life being spoiled for which she has worked so hard. Then fearing she would notice my hard on I left to my room saying ‘ enough mom, I’m sleepy now, good night’. 1- fear of Rajeev, if he gets angry due to delay and 2- out of my own lust.Then again the pounding sound came from the room, meaning another fuck session had started. (He said laughingly) Me- You had made a deal- my mom for the debt. I can get a nice whore for all night just for 5000 Rs. On the bed I could only see her naked legs up to knee.That made me realize that mom was getting filled with all sex she had missed in those years, also she was being filled with his cum too. At 8 am in the morning he came outside where I had fallen asleep on the sofa (couch) waiting for him to come out. Me- Then how long are you intending to continue this? I wanted to hurry inside and see the fate of my mom.

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