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in light of all that is happening right now in the world of LGBTQ news...i'm so proud and thrilled to direct you to the brainchild of emy storey and sarah fobes..it is SO exciting to see the site up and running! current self is extremely happy as well, but younger self is amazed! Our "Complete Recollection" is available starting TODAY on i Tunes! According to his rough estimate, Doug has purchased 75-80 Frank Zappa recordings.

today i am proud to give you the details on two new songs I have worked on that would blow the mind of my high school self.

), the band’s moniker has surpassed being their names and become a well-known entity for quality pop songs.

The owners of also said that soon enough, more Indian girls will be recruited for the live chat portal.

As out lesbians, Tegan and Sara have allowed themselves to be used as veritable poster girls for attractive, talented and successful gay women who have no qualms about their sexuality, even bringing girlfriends on the road with them and participating in the True Colors Tour and the OUT Magazine 100 in 2008.

Besides a booming merch line, designed largely by Sara’s ex-girlfriend Emy Storey, Tegan and Sara have released a DVD, It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do It, and are preparing for the publication of three books: On, In, At.

What used to be an easy band to contact is now balanced between two publicists (the major label contact and the girls’ long-time PR guru), and so incredibly busy that they have time to do press only if they have a day off in between shows.

Sara was able to talk to me on one such off day, in between several other interviews, two days before Halloween.

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It went so well in Des Moines that we are going to keep…

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