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CBS had originally planned to only air one installment of The Amazing Race (season 12) in the 2007–08 season, but due to the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, CBS ordered a 13th installment as a replacement for programs affected by the strike.This is the second season with a course that circumnavigated the world westward (The Amazing Race 10 was the first, and followed by later seasons).

Subsequently eliminated teams telephoned to inform the teams at the villa of their elimination, but continued to run the race as decoys to throw off spoilers to the final outcome of the race.

In Soft Way Down, teams had to go to the top of the Elevador Lacerda (an outdoor elevator) and climb down a 240-foot (73 m) cargo net to receive their next clue.

Only three teams were permitted on a net at the same time.

This season featured 11 teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world.

The 13th season was part of the fall lineup for the 2008–09 season. ET/PT from September 28, 2008 until the season finale on December 7, 2008.

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The Amazing Race 13 spanned 40,000 miles (64,000 km) in 23 days, visiting eight different countries.

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