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When field trimming is enabled, , all validations are performed after the field's text has first been trimmed.

Field validations are ignored when writing to an output stream.

Thrown when the underlying input stream is malformed based on the configured stream format, and therefore a record could not be accurately read from the stream.

In many cases, further reads from the input stream will be unsuccessful.

The first pass can use a SAX parser or other means to validate the XML, and the second pass can use Bean IO to parse and process bean objects read from the document.

Each Bean IO mapping component (stream, group, record, segment and field), is mapped to an XML element with the same local name. does not match the XML element name, the attribute can be used.

Where noted, legacy behavior can be restored using value for a group, record or field can be overridden using property values. To get started with Bean IO, download the latest stable version from Google Code, extract the contents of the ZIP file, and add to your application's classpath. In order to process XML formatted streams, Bean IO also requires an XML parser based on the Streaming API for XML (St AX), as specified by JSR 173.

Remember that a Java bean must have a default no-argument constructor and public getters and setters for all exposed properties.Because Bean IO is built like a pull parser, it does not support XML validation against a DTD or XML schema.Where this functionality is needed, it is recommended to make two passes on the input document.Bean IO supports several common field validation rules when reading an input stream.All field validation rules are validated against the field text before type conversion.

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Bean IO is well suited for batch processing, and currently supports XML, CSV, delimited and fixed length file formats. Bean IO 2.1 includes the following significant enhancements: Release 2.1 is "mostly" backwards compatible with prior 2.0.x releases.

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